Custom pop art portraits make a truly unique gift — Warhol style, Lichtenstein, Retro and more!

Custom pop art portraits inspired by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein

Your custom pop art portraits and limited edition prints are created by
artist Daniel W. Smith

Dan has over 25 years of experience working professionally in the arts as an accomplished painter, commercial illustrator, creative director, graphic designer and photographic retoucher.

That's why all of his custom pop art portraits are the result of gallery-quality digital graphic design and hands-on artistic control. There are no "magic buttons" to push when creating custom portraits. Each work of art receives the individual attention it deserves from a highly skilled professional artist.
Dan's client list includes Harper-Collins Publishers (Anastasia), Hanna-Barbera Studios (Flintstones), Sabaan Entertainment (Power Rangers), Twentieth Century Fox (Anastasia), and Walt Disney Studios (classic Disney characters and The Hunchback of Notre Dame). And he has created puzzle and game boards for companies including Hasbro, Milton Bradley, Lego and Parker Brothers.