Custom pop art portraits make a truly unique gift — Warhol style, Lichtenstein, Retro and more!

Custom pop art portraits inspired by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein

Business Opportunities

Corporate Promotion
Stylized portraits and artwork make a unique and memorable gift for your corporate clients and employees. If you have corporate gift or novelty needs, please contact, give us a little input and we'll get back to you with some ideas.

Advertising and Public Relations
Colorful, original and energetic, our designs are a powerful way to connect your corporate identity with your non-corporate demographics. If you'd like to brainstorm, email us at

Art Gallery Representation
Corporate Art Buyers

If you are an art gallery or corporate art buyer, please ask us about our ideas for consignment representation of our art services. We offer fully developed, large format executions of our custom portraits for gallery representation that do not compete with the portrait services offered at this website. These are high-end mixed media executions involving paint, oil pastel and textural varnishes over our archival giclée canvas—resulting in high-impact finished art. Contact us at and we will be glad to prepare a sample for you from your own foto.

Retail Store Representation
If you are an artistically inclined retail store, please ask us about our ideas regarding retail representation of the services available on this website. Send us your ideas or tell us a little about your business and we'll tell you ours. We can tailor a business plan to meet your needs.

Restaurants, Nite Clubs, Hospitality Industry
Let us put custom impact into your interior decorating needs. Our artwork provides an original alternative—from small formats for in-room display to large formats for restaurant, nite club and custom conference decor—and we have special rates for you in exchange for the promotional visibility you provide.

Fund Raisers
Our bold exciting portraiture turns a lot of heads, and makes a great silent or live auction item for your next fundraising event. Tell us about your donors and we'll prepare an appropriate sample. Subject matter, size and degree of painterly finish will be tailored to speak to the audience you want to reach.