Custom pop art portraits make a truly unique gift — Warhol style, Lichtenstein, Fingerprints and more!

Custom pop art portraits inspired by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein

Ordering Information

  • How to order
  • Will your photos work?
  • Paper or canvas?
  • What about colors?
  • Terms and conditions

How to order
Simply choose your style, layout, size and materials, send your photos to us and you will receive your custom pop art portrait within three weeks.

Once you have placed your order and have sent us your photo(s), you will receive a design proof via email for approval within one week. To assure your satisfaction, we will not proceed w
ith the printing and finishing work until we have received your approval. After you approve the design proof, we will print and finish your custom artwork and ship it to you within two weeks. If you have special time constraints for an order, email us with your concerns (an additional fee may be required for Rush orders).

Will your photos work?
We will examine your digital files or commercial foto prints when we receive them, and contact you if we see any need for replacements.

Both color or black and white photos are fine for all styles.

If you are not sure your photos will work, send them before you submit your order and we will let you know (see Submit Your Photos).

Choosing fotos that will work successfully is simple:

  • The sharper the better
    We can do some sharpening and adjusting, but nothing beats a crisp image from the beginning. But don't worry if you think your photos are too soft— send them anyway, tell us which style you have in mind, and we'll contact you.
  • The bigger the better
    Choose photos that feature the subject's face as large as possible whenever you can (for standard head-and-shoulders portraits).
  • Not too dark, not too light
    A good mix of hilites, mid-tones and shadows is best. If you think your fotos are too light or too dark, send them to us and we'll let you know. In most cases, we can extract the visual information we need.
  • Digital files are great
    When possible, send digital files with higher image quality and lower compression. But don't worry if you think your files might be too small. As long as they are sharp and have some good tonal values, we can rez them up to our required sizes in most cases, or render what we need.
  • Commercial photo prints, not inkjet prints
    If you take pictures with film, mail in your commercially processed matte or glossy prints.
    If you shoot with a digital camera, send the digital files (not an inkjet or desktop print).

Paper or Canvas
Your custom pop art portrait will be printed with 100% pigment inks on your choice of fineart paper or canvas:

Enhanced Matte Fine Art Paper
The economical choice when you'd like to frame your own portrait. Archival and 100% acid neutral, this heavyweight flat matte stock delivers true photographic feel, and its bright white base accentuates highlights. Lightfast rating from Wilhelm Imaging Research for this paper framed behind glass: 76 years.
Enhanced Matte Prints are rolled and shipped in a sturdy mailing tube.

Stretched Canvas
For a genuine fine art feel choose our hi resolution coated canvas.
Our 100% acid free cotton canvas features a medium gloss surface and unique texture for a true artistic look and feel. Lightfast rating from Wilhelm Imaging Research for this canvas with ultrachrome ink: 75 years.
Your canvas print is first sprayed with acrylic varnish. Next, a heavy gel varnish medium is brushed on by hand. We then stretch your portrait over 1.25" thick wood stretcher bars. Color wraps the sides—eliminating the need for framing.

What about colors
Feel free to get involved in the creative process.
We can create the finished art and make all the color choices for you, or you can provide input and direction in an email to
Mail us color chips and we will match them as accurately as possible. You can even send a foto of the room in which you will display your portrait and we will choose colors that complement that interior.

Terms and Conditions
We cannot be held responsible for photos lost or damaged in the mail. Once your photos are received we will examine them. If they present design problems we will contact you via email to discuss a relacement(s). In the event that a photo appropriate for your order cannot be found your order will be refunded in full.

Packages damaged in the mail will be replaced at no additional charge to you.

Daniel W. Smith reserves the right to use all art and designs for promotional purposes without restriction. All photos submitted to Daniel W. Smith and may be used for promotional purposes by the artist (Daniel W. Smith) without restriction whether or not an order is placed.

FORENSIC FILE PORTRAITSTM: Pop Art Portraits from Your Own Fingerprints-
Orders are paid in full when placed.
At the time the order is placed US$25 of the total becomes nonrefundable.
When you receive your first Design Proof via email for your comments or approval,
an additional US$75 Design Fee becomes nonrefundable.
Once your fingerprints (and optional signature) have been received, we will email a Design Proof within 7 business days. two rounds of color revisions are included with your order. Additional or excessive revisions are subject to additional charges at the artist's discretion.
If you are not completely satisfied with the Design Proofs prepared for your comments and approval, you can cancel your order at that time and receive a refund for the balance of your order.
After approval of your Design Proof 100% of your order becomes nonrefundable.
When specifying an order as a Gift:
the Design Proof step will be waived and the finished art will be prepared and shipped per the preset color choice specified in the order as soon as the Fingerprint Collection Kit has been returned by the Gift recipient. Orders specified as Gifts are 100% nonrefundable when placed.
Finished art will be sent with a tracking number.
After delivery of art has been confirmed, fingerprints and signatures and all scans and other visual records of your fingerprints and signature will be destroyed.
The hi resolution file of your finished artwork will be archived.

Once acceptable photos have been received, we will email a Design Proof within 7 business days. Two rounds of color revisions are included with your order. Additional or excessive revisions are subject to additional charges at the artist's discretion.

Once an acceptable photo has been agreed upon by both the artist and client, $95US of the order becomes nonrefundable.

If you are dissatisfied with the Design Proof, you may cancel the remainder of your order at this time, and the balance of your order, minus $95US, will be refunded. Once the Design Proof has been approved, 100% of the order becomes nonrefundable.

Once an order has been placed and an acceptable photo has been submitted, no substitutions will be accepted without an additional fee. Substituting a new photo will incur an additional nonrefundable fee of $95US.

Orders cancelled for reasons beyond the artist's control after an order has been placed and an acceptable photo has been submitted, but prior to printing of the approved Design Proof, are subject to a minimum cancellation fee of $95US for the initial order plus $20 per additional face ordered. A higher cancellation fee may be required for Special Orders (depending on the complexity of the order).

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all material presented for photography, printing, copying, duplicating or any other form of reproduction is free from any third party claims for breach of copyright or license.

Daniel W. Smith retains the reproduction rights on all artworks. We would be happy to negotiate an appropriate fee for commercial useage. Prices presented on this site are based on personal use only. Please call or email us if you have a commercial use inquiry.